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Plant cacti from pebbles

Plant cacti from pebbles


- small and larger pebbles (preferably flat)

- brush

- paint mixing bowl

- water

- hobby, acrylic paint

- sponge, nail brush

- paper towels

- flower pot

- small pebbles or earth

- glue

Wash the pebbles thoroughly with soapy, warm water and possibly an alcoholic solution so that the paint will stick better on them.

Paint the base, dry it and draw the desired patterns on it: always apply one coat only at a time and wait until it is completely dry, then let it just stand for him to paint with the next color.

Once all samples have been applied, allow the pebbles to dry completely.

Wheel varnish can give a nice shine to the painted pebbles, and the varnish also preserves the painted surface to some extent, so it will be less vulnerable. 

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