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Ocean Animal Rescue Activity Using Gelatine Cubes To Work On Fine Motor Skills

There’s a fun way to work on fine motor skills to strengthen hand muscles. You can use playdough, clay or gelatine cubes.

I teach sensory classes where we learn through play. We work on pre-k readiness concepts, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and more… This week, the theme was Ocean so I decided to hide some ocean animals that the kids could dig out using sensory tools or play kitchen utensils or even using just their hands.

Sensory play is just that, using fun activities your little ones can learn without even knowing they are learning. Actually, play… that’s how they learn.

I chose this gelatine cubes sensory play using unflavored gelatine instead of ofJell-O because I didn’t want this activity to be super sticky. We were going to use the light table so I didn’t want the activity to be too sticky so we could clean it easier.

The key to making gelatine cubes is to make the Jell-O or gelatine harder than regular jell-O you would eat so that it is easier to maneuver.



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