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  • Brand: Kidozia
  • Product Code: KDZ-SW-03NW

   Included: 1 pc. Natur White Bunny wood kid chair and 1 pc. Natur White Deer wood kid chair and 1 pc. Natur white wood kid table

   Recommended: 1,5-5 year old with an extension up to 8 year old 

   Material: made of quality solid beech wood

    Max. load: cc. 120 kg

Do you like natural colors? Decorate your room with this Scandinavian style, small wooden furniture. This Scandi style never goes out of fashion

Thanks to its high quality, it can be decorate a children's room, a living room or a common room for a long time.

When you get to know   world, this little chair and table quickly becomes the center of spending quality time in the room. You won't even imagine, but everyone will be sitting around and having fun during your child is constantly developed.

Spending Quality Time With Your Child!

It matters a lot how we play with our child.

We would like to show you the World of Kidozia. In our blog, we give you advices the variety of games and how they can improve their development so that they do not have problems later in life and learning. We want to help children express feelings through toys. You can also find game tips from our experts.

Our brand, Kidozia and our furnitures are inspired by the children, and each piece is made with love. When we planned and manufactured our products, we took into account the views of children and parents. We designed products for decorate every children's room, living room or common room.

The importance of having the adults in the chair was a highlight, as it is good for everyone to play at the same level during the game.

Quality is important to us, both in our lives and in the manufacturing of our products.

  • Design: Scandinavian style, cute special animal form
  • Material: Made of quality solid beech wood
  • Painting: Environmentally friendly and child-friendly painting                                                                                 
  • Edges: Rounded parts
  • Chair size: Height 53 cm, seat height 27 cm, width 30 cm x 30 cm
  • Chair weight: 3,1 kg
  • Table size: Height 44 cm, width 60 cm x 50 cm
  • Table weight: 7,8 kg
  • Max. load: cc. 120 kg
  • Assembling: very easy, hand screwing in feet, fastening of the backrest with a wrench
  • Cleaning: Easy to clean thanks to its surface material (can also be wiped off with mild detergent water)         
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty    
  • Option: + 7 cm long extension, from about 4 years of age. With its simple insertion, the height of Kidozia chairs and tables can be increased by +7 cm, so it can be used comfortably up to the age of 8.

  • How can the extension help to fix the correct posture in early childhood?

    Young children (ages 1-7) at this age do not yet sit back and are constantly on the move, but when they sit down to get creative or color, developing an appropriate posture can be an important consideration.

    When they creative deeply, make sure their feet and knees reach and their hips are about the same height. That’s why we’ve also created an extension for the chairs and table so that the way children of all ages sit on it is appropriate, could be helping them learn the right posture.

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