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  • Brand: Kidozia
  • Product Code: KDZ-TOLDO

+ 7 cm long extension, from about 4 years of age

With its simple insertion, the height of Kidozia chairs and tables can be increased by +7 cm, so it can be used comfortably up to the age of 8.

All Kidozia extension are compatible with Kidozia tables and chairs.

The price is for 1 piece. Each leg of a table or chair requires 1 piece, so the legs of a table or chair require 4 extensions.

How can the extension help to fix the correct posture in early childhood?

Young children (ages 1-7) at this age do not yet sit back and are constantly on the move, but when they sit down to get creative or color, developing an appropriate posture can be an important consideration.

When they creative deeply, make sure their feet and knees reach and their hips are about the same height. That’s why we’ve also created an extension for the chairs and table so that the way children of all ages sit on it is appropriate, could be helping them learn the right posture.

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