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Ideal children's room part 1

I deliberately did not give this post the title “what a good nursery is like” because in my opinion it is not possible to say what a GOOD nursery is like, we can only strive for it, taking into account primarily our child’s perspectives, tastes, needs, habits.


It is best if the child has their own room, but if this is not possible, it is recommended to create a children's empire in the living room, which can be a corner or a part of the wall.


Everything has a place in the ideal children's room. You have to find the middle ground between the messy and the sterile feeling. This is aided by absorbing storage boxes, baskets and crates. Our favorite toys, on the other hand, are stored in a visible place so that you don't have to turn everything upside down for them even daily. And we put your favorite books in an accessible place.


Over the years, a lot of toys can accumulate, it is worth selecting three times a year and getting rid of those that are not popular or no longer correspond to the age of the child.

Thus, we also teach our child a good example by not collecting things, but if the given toy has served us, we will let them be replaced.

When buying a game, it’s worth thinking ahead and striving for quality instead of quantity.


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