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Can the chair sit on adults?

Yes. It can be tested with 200 kg, so it will be more comfortable to play together.

What are the sets made of?

Solid quality beech wood, that are dried naturally, making them more durable.

For what age group is it ideal?

It is comfort for children, who can already sit stably up to 8 year old. Extensions can be used to increase the size of a set how the chidren are growing.

Why is the extension needed and when is it recommended to installed it?

It depends on the height of a child, about 5 years old can be reach it. For the right sitting position, it is important that the child’s feet reach the ground and the thigh and lower leg are at right angles.

Is it difficult to assemble?

It’s very simple, all you need is an 8 wrench, a Mother or a bigger Brother will assemble it in a few minutes.

Is there something protective on your feet?

Yes, by moving a parquet and a stone tile safe, plastic protectors to push tha chair, which is child’s favorite, shouldn't be a problem more.

How can it be cleaned?

Easy to clean thanks to its surface material (can also be wiped off with mild detergent water)

Can I paint on it?

It is popular to cover for painting.

How many children is the table ideal for?

Our 60 x 50 cm table is recommended for 1 max 2 children. Our 70 x 70 cm table is ideal for 3 or 4 children.

Where are the products made?

In Hungary, made it in our own factory, we produced it with machines, that every piece will be perfect.

Are there sharp parts?

No.Everything is rounded parts to use safely.

What paint are they treated with?

The products are used with child-friendly and environmentally friendly painting.

Delivery parameters?

The delivery is in mounted pieces. You can find more information about shipping fees in the Shipping Information menu, or you can get an exact shipping cost after taking it in the cart.