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14 Tips to Outdoors - Guaranteed to Become a Star!

Go outside! Open air is oxygen-rich than room air, and provides the body with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the healthy development of our cells.

Here are some tips to make sure you are not bored.

Make a trip

It is a good idea to go on a hike in every season, as you will always find some exciting activities during your trip. Apart from the fact that excursions have an important role of preserving our healt even in wintertime. It is good for everyone's body and soul, and it can also be a lifelong shared memory. Catch, climb, treasure, picnic, feather!

Walk around, collect leaves, harvest

Even if you do not have time to go on a hike, set up a weekly walk, gathering leaves, harvest, stones and making something truly creative when you get home. Break the ice in the winter, jump into the puddle at the spring, and enjoy the evening walking in the summer. A growing body should spend at least 1-2 hours a day outdoors, as staying in the fresh air is a good thing in itself, and it also enhances appetite. Outdoors, they have more room for exercise, allowing them to run out, making it easier to fall asleep and developing their lungs.

Go to a playground

The playground is a magical place where children can entertain themselves and exercise their desire for movement while they are both physically and spiritually charged and develop. Here they are free to let go of their fantasies, while gaining essential experiences from their peers of a similar age to serve their social maturity. Games for movement, balance, coordination and creativity can be found here. While they play with their imagination, they climb the top of a tall castle (climbing crawl), noticing that the dragon is developing itself.


On the playground, climbing frame, climbing a tree, or climbing a small rock on a larger one can be a great experience. Many do not know, but climbing improves eg. balance, fine-tune eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, and gradual development of a healthy body image in the child. While hanging on the climbing stage, the shoulder strap is also strengthened, which improves fine motor and graphomotor abilities. Climbing the tree, for example, is a great tool for developing short-term memory.

Travel with a small railway

I think it's a joy for the whole family, goes into a big nostalgia for adults and a lasting memory for the kids. Taking a ticket from the kids, picnicking, observing the railway, going through the trees, looking out the window, admiring the scenery, and then strolling through the woods is an unforgettable experience for everyone.


Vehicles give children the first speed experience. Whether you're riding a motorbike, tricycle, scooter, or biking, it's faster than walking or running. In addition, long distances can be traveled with relatively little effort, they are particularly enjoyable and it will be easier for you to get from one point to another. It is an essential part of motion development, so it's worth incorporating it into our daily lives.


Everyone loves it, there is no one who can't play a game with it. Without ball games, movement development is incomplete. Ball exercises mainly improve body and nervous system functions, eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, and affect spatial orientation and spherical sensation. Early childhood ball exercises can have a profound effect on the perception and refinement of movements in space and time. It improves perfectly the sense of rhythm, the sense of balance, helps the child to develop visual perception, directed attention, sense of rule and, of course, strengthens physical fitness.

Fly a kite

It's a real family fun, you can't miss the kite making and the fly from childhood. It improves children's eye and movement coordination and spatial orientation. It improves their ability to concentrate and has great fun.

Tent in the garden

You don't have to travel to provide a lasting truly memorable experience for your child. Set up a tent or build a little house and play with your imagination, bake bacon or marshmallows, if possible. Get in the evening with a flashlight to read or play a story.

Play with sand

During the sanding, they get to know the physical laws and the properties of the raw material, while the opposite pairs are revealed. Sand is a great tool for developing fine motor skills. It will help you to get the right pencil later, and it will also help you understand mathematical thinking, as you will have to go through a serious design process to get the final shape. It also offers great role-playing while modeling the world in 3D. Organize an expedition, hide some treasure in the sand that you have to dig out later.


The effects of climbing on a slide have already been mentioned. Sliding helps with spatial orientation, above and below, and depth sensation. It also helps you build confidence by overcoming obstacles.


Swinging has only a beneficial effect. It is the most intensive development tool. It is very important for the development of the nervous system, but it improves creativity, spatial perception, trains muscles, develops thinking skills, memory, fine motor skills, and later helps in learning. It has a calming effect so it can help you deal with tensions and fears.

Go to the garden

All children instinctively love gardening. We can make them aware of the relationship between the sun, the earth, the weather, and nature as we teach them responsibility and show them that of hard work do actually yield improvements. Meanwhile, they are introduced to different materials. Let them get muddy from head to toe.

Blow bubbles

No one would think, but it also affects speech development, it should be articulated while blowing and the air should be properly blown. It also works great for lung development. In doing so, he becomes acquainted with a completely different material that improves the perception of touch.

Modern life deprives children of the pleasures of nature, show them that there is life outside of their gadgets. Rearrange your daily routine so that everyday breathing fits in, and having fun every day will only have a positive impact on everyone!

Have fun!


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